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-The inner and outer surfaces of the combustion chamber are made of enamel, which is 100% healthy and does not contain any additional chemicals.

 Enamel, which is one hundred percent healthy and does not contain added chemicals, has been the first coating material preferred in cooking tools for centuries.

Thanks to the oil tank, there is no smoke and fire

What are the benefits of oil storage?

Dripping oil is poured onto the grill and accumulates in the oil pan, from there it goes to the 2nd oil tank, it cooks without coming into contact with the food with the coal, thus preventing the smoke and the ignition of the coal.

With the American shelf system, it ensures that the cooked food stays hot.

 The shelf system ensures that the cooked food is close to the fire and stays hot, thus allowing it to serve hot to 10-15 people at the same time.

-Functional design and easy operation

-Enamel Oven

-Grid Shelves

-Ashtray with Drawer

-Covered Bottom Bench

-Smoke Hood

Durable flame grill

Matte Black Fireproof Paint

Independent from each other




4-Sub Bench